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Thor - clash of gods - International - 19.01.2024

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Thor - clash of gods - International - 19.01.2024

Features: Maximum level: 120 Over 20 dungeons including 2 guild dungeons Daily spawning world boss Multifarmblock 2 Characters maximum Clear Wiki with all important informations Completely own maps and monster designs Offlineshop system including shop search Settings with own hotkeys and more Completely reworked guild system with guild costumes and skills Innovative starter costumes in the empire colors Smooth ingame performance Perfectly balanced classes Costumes for every taste Hundreds of mounts and pets Custom pet system (levelable) Custom mount system (levelable) Customized mount and pet skills Pet equipment Innovative buff system Battlepass with several rewards Weekly and global ranking Legendary Skills Aura outfit (color is exchangeable) Shoulder Sash system Dragonstone Alchemy up to the Mythic level Completely reworked Zodiac system Talisman system up to elemental talisman Ores are farmed like Metinstones in designed dungeons Permanent ores Monsterkills to improve the defense and the attack against monsters Customized passive skills New biologist quest Buying bio items and submitting them from everywhere New Dew System Gaya Shop Stone piece Shop with Chance to buy Itemshop Stuff Diary Mission with epic Loot And alot more


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